About Ramon Sist

Since when I was a child photography has always been in my mind. I remember taking hidden photos of my female schoolfellows. 

As time goes by taking random pictures started to evolve in actual photography: dance performances, cosplay shootings in Italy and a very important travel in 2008. That time I traveled for 22 months around America. It was a real adventure that made me grow up. 

I learned how to face different environments, temperatures and situations.. and the most important thing is that I got to know myself much more. 

In 2008, before leaving Italy, I worked at the writing of the musical "Wonderland", but I was't able to shoot a photo report of Alice (and Alice), because of time and my current level of experience in photography (and also equipment). 

Time pass, week after week, month after month, year after year... 

Alice & Alice ( Desirèe Piazzese and Julia Biondo ) grew up too (I think eating french fries and pizza). 

Now in 2013 I finally made the Wonderland Project real. 

Some people asked me "Why" and "what is your purpose?" 

My goal is, first of all, to show my vision of Alice in Wonderland, and I reveal you one thing: I fill (yes it's true) the photos with a lot of hidden meanings (you can write me if you sense something here, in the gallery). 

Remember, each photo has something I hid in. 

Enjoy this gallery, and if you want my service for any project or special photographic job feel free to contact me. 

Ramon Sist